Will Heron Designs

What we do and how we do it

Hand drawn, computer cleaned

As you can see if the photos above, everything starts with a pencil and paper. Then the image goes into Adboe Illustrator to begin the laborious process of turning the rough sketch into mathematically perfect curves. This two step process allows for expression of our signature style through this blending of computer and craft.

Hand printed

Each shirt is printed by hand without the use of large spider presses so common throughout the printing industry. All we need is a flat table, a screen, and some elbow grease.

alien onesies in production

alien onesies in production

Water-based, non-toxic inks

The inks we use are water-based and non-toxic. You can eat them, but they don't taste very good. The benefits of these inks are many. Here are a few.

  1. Eco-friendly inks do no harm and require no harsh chemicals for clean-up.
  2. They become completely soft after their first wash.
  3. The images will not dry, crack, or break over time like traditional plastisol inks have a tendency to do.

This eco-friendly choice is also an aesthetic one. The images offer a subtler contrast with their reduced vibrancy. The image is clearly there, but does not shock with its brightness.

Quality that lasts

The first shirt we printed in 2001 still lives in Will's closet, and the image printed is still as visible and soft as after that first wash. Why is that relevant? We use materials that last. You will find that our 100% cotton tees hold up year after year, wash after wash. Some of the blended fabrics used for the heathered look will show minimal pilling after a few years, but graphic remains. And we think you'll find the incredible softness this blend delivers to be second to none in the world of tee shirts.

We favor the simple expression of complex thought.
— Mark Rothko

Family owned and operated

Will and Lindsey live in Austin, Texas with their two young children.  Lindsey handles the sales and marketing while Will handles design and production. Running a family business allows them to teach their kids independence, fostering a bond, and shows them first hand the joys of creating. Will hopes that someday, businesses with hours concurrent with schools will become widely accepted. Until then, that's how the Herons will run theirs.

Will and Lindsey Heron, outside of the production studio

Will and Lindsey Heron, outside of the production studio